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We invented the modern fire suit

Until 1970 cotton suits were used for firefighting – we were the first to introduce Nomex as core fabric. We have participated in xxxx

Firefigthing - products

We offer products for normal firefighters, firefighting schools, deputy leaders and managers and for youth firefighting teams.

Custom fit

Shelf-ware does not always work, and we can offer custom fit firefighter suits which contributes to your security

Ambulance and rescue products

We have a full product range for ambulance teams, pilots, and special altitude rescue suits and uniforms

Sustainability and return of investment

Firefighter schools in Denmark, Germany and Belgium selects our suits. They can be washed more than 300 times and contributes to the most optimal return of investments in the industry (and a small contribution to the overall global sustainability)


Your demands for special uniforms or coveralls can be meet by us. We have a list of standards models which can be adjusted to meet your standards.
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